Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why should I vote?

Its almost election time once again.  I am an American, and by being a citizen of this country I have the right to vote.  By that I also have the right to be lazy and ignore politics all together.  As far as an being an American there really is nothing that says you have to vote but you do have the ability to make your preference known.  The big question now is what is the biblical reasons to vote or not vote?

The first biblical example that comes to mind is in the house of Pilate.  Do you remember that story?  During the passover Jesus was being brought by the Sanhedrin to Pilate for trial. After careful deliberation Pilate found Jesus not guilty for the acts that the Sanhedrin were bringing against him.  The people in the crowd were very upset with this, and asked Pilate to reconsider crucifixion.  Pilate didn't want the blood on his hands so as customary with the passover he was going to offer up a choice to the people who should be free and forgiven for their crimes.  Pilate then had the crowd vote, or rather scream out which should be crucified, Jesus or Barabbas.  Because of this vote Jesus was put to the cross.

As believers we also have a certain group of moral laws that we must abide by.  The most notable of these being the 10 commandments but the first 5 books of the Bible setup quite a few more.  Have you ever thought that one reason to vote is a way to witness to others and stand up for these laws?  Our nation was founded on the principle of "One Nation Under God".  This means that we were meant to be a moral, and free country.  Could you imagine how bad the country would change if only non-believers vote?

Conversation Starters

  • Why do you vote or not?
  • Are their any political things that you are passionate about?

Things to Try

  • Read about the candidates and find which is closer to your belief.
  • Try voting for once and see how it works.

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