Monday, May 14, 2012

What is a Spiritual Battle?

Have you ever wondered why good and bad things happen?  Maybe you constantly feel the tug and pull of your heart.  There are many spiritual battles that happen in life.  Yet some choose look at them as specific problems that have nothing to do with Christ.

A Spiritual Battle is that tug and pull at your mind and heart for the choices that you make.   Depending on the choices that you make your spiritual battle may be growing and creating more scars and wounds in your life.  Though these are not necessarily physical they can still be perceived by others.  So you may ask; How can I determine if what I am going through is a Spiritual Battle?  To do this lets set some more criteria.

  1. Does the situation break the law?
    • Romans 13 tells us that we are to submit to the law, and by doing what is right for the law we will be doing what is right in the eyes of the Lord.
  2. Does the issue effect others?
  3. Is the situation or issue something that you will remember?
    • Is there something here that you will remember as a life lesson whether big or small.
    • Sometimes you may overlook this experience these can be hard to realize.
  4. Does the issue effect yourself emotionally, physically or mentally?
    • Doing harm to yourself is like doing harm to Christ.  For we are all 1 in the body of Christ and he lives within us.  Our body is our temple for Christ.
If what you are going through meets any of this criteria, you are going through a spiritual battle.  You may fine that even the smallest of activities can be a battle and you may even be doing the wrong thing out of habit rather than realizing what you are doing.  Spiritual battles are in every ones life, the question now is what will you do about it.

Conversation Starters

  • Can you think of scenarios that you may take for granted that are spiritual battles?
  • Do you often discredit yourself for things going on in life?
Things to try.
  • Pray for the wisdom and the vision to see yourself as a Temple and how you present yourself to others.

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